Pipeworks Brewing N v U vs The Cryo 4 pack
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Pipeworks Brewing N v U vs The Cryo

  • ba92

4 pack

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Category Imperial IPA
Region United States, Illinois
Brand Pipeworks Brewing
Alcohol/vol 8%
Once again the Ninja and Unicorn must join forces against a common enemy…. THE CRYO! Will they be successful or will they be frozen out? We reimagined Ninja vs Unicorn DIPA with ample amounts of cryo hops - hops that are rapidly frozen upon harvesting and then shattered (more or less) for an ultimate, fresh, true to hop experience.
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  • ba92

This is our classic Ninja vs Unicorn Double IPA but we've brewed this batch using Cryo Hops (hops that were frozen using liquid nitrogen before separating oils and resins from leaf

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